Monday, July 12, 2010

Dream 1

On my flight going to destination.
My dad said this would be a good thing for me.

Oh that doesn't look good. Can we fly us around this? The people next to me are looking worried.
The stewardess is recommending that we put on our oxygen masks while the pilot tries to land.. I don't know what's going on, why is it so hard to land a plane? All you have to do is fly downward.

“Attenshun! Dis eez your pilot speaking! We are gonna lan' dis plane as soon as possible. Pleez do not worry, I 'ave erryting onna control!”

The people next to me are putting on their oxygen masks almost as calmly as demonstrated in the video. In fact, nobody on the plane looks as worried as they probably ought to be. And somehow, I'm not either.
Ok, I've never put one of these on but it shouldn't be too hard. Just put the mask over your mouth, and pull the string to tighten. Wait, why does this mask also go over my ears? Is that music playing?

The plane is getting bumpier now as we continue our decent. Oh please don't let this thing crash. The flight attendants are hastily tending to people trying to reassure them that everything is indeed “onna control”.

If I'm going to die, I don't want to be listening to this damn music. How do I turn it off?
There is a knob above my head near where the mask came out of. Oh good, it's for the volume. Ok I'll just turn this.. damn that made it louder! Ok, the other way. Wait why does the volume stop getting lower than this level? Fine, if I keep turning the knob, I'll just click it off. Oh. Great. I can't. Apparently death comes with a soundtrack. Are we there yet?

A skinny black man with a dreadlocked mohawk comes out of the cockpit. Our pilot.
“Not to worry folks! We 'ave almost reached de water and we will be down shotly!”

Why does he look so god damned cheerful? Who's flying the plane?
Wait, did he just say water? We're landing in the water??

Now people are panicked. Everyone is freaking out. Except the pilot, who is inexplicably dancing.

[crash 'n' splash]

I thought planes were supposed to float. Our pilot is apparently going to be letting us out on the bottom of the ocean floor while we wait to be rescued.

Wow... there's so much stuff down here! But how will we ever be able to hold our breaths long enough? People might drown.
That's strange... no one seems to be dying. In fact, they are mingling and exploring as if they just arrived at a millionaire's house party. Our pilot seems to know his way around, too. In fact, he's giving tours! Has he been here before? Did we even come here by accident, or is this just a rest stop on our trip? I hope we get rescued soon...

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